Business Administration and Information Course

Helping students become work-ready via a diverse and practical small-group instruction approach

The Business Administration and Information Course provides a diverse range of subjects in business administration, accounting, and information science. Moreover, in small-group seminars, practical education is provided to develop human resources with business expertise and practical skills where students are given opportunities to conduct research studies and develop specific systems in actual companies and production sites.

Examples of Topics for the Graduation Thesis

Fund-based corporate revival business; analysis of consumer lifestyles through magazines subscriptions; corporate cost management and risk management learned from the Yoshinoya case; the current status and issues of tax effect accounting; Internet transactions and the stock market, and other topics.

Career Options after Graduation

Certified public accountant, certified tax accountant, information and communications, systems engineer, marketing, venture business, services, wholesale/retail, finance/insurance, graduate school studies, and other options.

Obtainable Qualifications

Degree/BA (in economics), first-class junior high school teaching certificate (in social studies) and first-class senior high school teaching certificate (in civics)
* Can be obtained only if the required number of credits has been earned.

Main subjects offered in the course (from the second to fourth year)

  • Outline of Business Administration A & B: Students in this course will fully examine the basic theories of business administration to understand managerial theories and acquire a sense of management.
  • Financial Accounting A & B: Students will examine financial accounting to explain the flow of funds in a company.
  • Marketing A & B: Companies supply markets with tangible and intangible products. The course will examine the theoretical mechanisms and appropriate and effective methods of market supply.
  • Business Management A & B: The methods of managing an organization will be explored by examining corporate philosophies and theories. Moreover, students will study the changes in these philosophies and theories according to the changes in corporate activities.
  • Business Administration and Information Technology A & B: The course will examine the role of information in corporate management in order for students to develop a better understanding of the methods used to strategically leverage information technology in business.
  • Production System A & B: Management techniques for intellectual production and distribution systems are introduced with the aim of streamlining management systems in business processes.
  • Business Finance A & B: The focus of the course is on the examination of corporate financial strategies in order for students to acquire the knowledge.
  • Principle of Accounting A & B: Students will examine basic accounting theories and develop the ability to address accounting issues.
  • Information Science A & B: Information Science A & B: Students will examine the history, mechanisms and governmental policy of the development of information, networks, and computers in A and the methods of selecting useful information from among abundant and available global information in B.