Courses offered by the School of Economics

Economic Theory and Policy Course
Business Administration and Information Course
Comparative Studies of Social and Economic Systems Course

School of Economics

Economics is a discipline that pursues the enrichment of society. The School of Economics develops human resources capable of handling different conflicts of interest and the resulting problems from the perspective of economics.


Flexible, systematic courses

Breaking down its vast subject area into regional, national and international society, the School of Economics tackles various complicated issues from the following three angles: 1. economic theory and policy, 2. management studies and information science, and 3. comparative studies of economic systems throughout the world. A thorough education in the economic and sociological knowledge required to deal with these issues is provided in the corresponding three courses (Economic Theory and Policy, Business Administration and Information, and Comparative Studies of Social and Economic Systems).

Small-group instruction

An important feature of the School of Economics is its consistent use of small classes to facilitate the development of professional skills. Meticulous instruction ensures that practical research and study skills, knowledge about policy evaluation and policy-making, and data processing skills are enhanced, and that students are trained to become talented professionals who possess these skills.